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Murals Enrich Community Life, June 11, 2014

Help Pick Harrisburg’s Next Signature Mural, September 23, 2014

The Susquehanna Art Museum’s Public Art Mural Project, with the support of the Hershey Harrisburg Visitor’s Bureau,  is dedicated to fostering community collaborations and partnerships. The museum will open a brand new building at 3rd and Calder streets in January of 2015 that will be a cultural hub and catalyst for further development in the Midtown district of Harrisburg. We have begun a public mural project as a way of demonstrating our commitment to urban renewal and growth in our neighborhood. By establishing a visual public presence we hope that the community will join us in investing in the city’s future.

The completed proposals will be on display at a joint exhibition between the Susquehanna Art Museum and the Historic Harrisburg Association, to be held at the Historic Harrisburg Association (1230 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102) from September 1 – 30, 2014. This exhibition will be a feature of Harrisburg’s annual Gallery Walk, September 14.

How to get involved:

Submit your feedback at Historic Harrisburg Association or digitally here! We will be collecting feedback from the community through September. We will present the community’s feedback, including all of the supporting comments, to a Selection Committee to analyze the responses, evaluate the proposals to discern whether they fulfill the initial goals for the project, and announce their final decision by the end of October.

Committee members include Cathy Harris, Director of Community Murals with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program; Stephen Fieser, mural artist, illustrator, educator; Nancy Mendes, artist, community arts organizer, SAM board member.

Thank you to Hershey Harrisburg Visitor’s Bureau for being a mural project sponsor!








Sunday September 14, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm at the Historic Harrisburg Association (1230 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102).

SAM is partnering with Historic Harrisburg Association to present the proposals for the upcoming mural. Visitors may view the exciting proposals for the mural in Midtown, and leave feedback throughout the month of September to help decide which mural is right for SAM!

Sunday September 14, 2:00 pm at the Midtown Scholar (1302 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17102).

Join the Susquehanna Art Museum and the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in a Gallery Walk discussion about mural arts in Harrisburg and the benefits of public art to our community, with special opening remarks from Mayor Papenfuse at 2pm!

Panel participants include Jeff Copus, mural artist; Elody Gyekis, mural artist; Wendell Murray, Founder/CEO of Barak Inc; Lauren Nye, Exhibitions Manager at Susquehanna Art Museum; and Lenwood Sloan, Director of Arts, Culture, and Tourism.