Education: Youth Classes

SAM’s youth art programs explore drawing, painting, sculpture, art history and art appreciation, providing a quality art education experience where students have the opportunity to learn from original works of art in a museum setting. All classes provide a forum where self-expression, experimentation, and cultivating a sense of inquiry are integral parts of the educational experience.

SAM’s art instructors are Pennsylvania-certified art educators and curriculum is designed to augment current exhibitions, important artists and artistic movements and specific art media. All classes are interdisciplinary in nature and showcase the connections between the visual arts and other academic areas. Each session provides a brand new experience!

PLEASE NOTE: During our time of transition, we are unable to hold such programs BUT we look forward to providing them again once we move into our new facility! Stay tuned.

Examples of classes include:

  • Rembrandts & Rainbows (ages 3-6): Multi-sensory art workshops for preschoolers (4 hours of instruction/month). Each workshop is different, allowing experimentation with materials and techniques, and development of critical thinking and motor skills.
  • Intermediate Illusionists (ages 7-11): One-day workshops that address specific artists, artistic movements and media, providing talking points for a deepened understanding of a student’s developing skills and self-expression.
  • Talented Teens (ages 12-18): One-day workshops that address specific artists, artistic movements and media, providing a forum for refining artistic skills, self-expression and cultivating creativity.

Supplies for all youth art classes are provided by SAM. Students are encouraged to bring paint shirts or smocks, as classes may get messy!

  • Museum Experience Workshops (ages 5-18): These one-day workshops provide an opportunity to explore SAM’s current exhibition, coupled with a hands-on art production experience. After touring the exhibit, students will use examples from the exhibit to frame questions about the creative process, reflecting on their museum experience and drawing on personal ideas when creating their own work of art.

Supplies for all youth classes are provided by the Museum; smocks are also available, as classes may get messy!