Art to Go

What is the Art to Go!  program?

The Susquehanna Art Museum’s Art to Go! program introduces students of all ages to great works of art, important artists, and pivotal periods of art history in your own setting. Collections in the form of a portfolio of print reproductions provide your students with a chance to see works by Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, or Pablo Picasso. Another stimulates your students to think about music in art or what sculpture in Africa might look like.

Portfolios are arranged by artist, art movement, theme, or historical period. Each portfolio consists of 5-8 large laminated color reproductions. A corresponding binder contains historical timelines, artist biographical information, and background information on the specific reproductions included in each portfolio. Along with ideas for classroom presentation, the portfolio provides the teacher/volunteer with a self-contained teaching tool. The goal of the Art to Go! program is to provide an enhancement to an already existing visual arts/humanities program, not to replace it. For questions or to rent an Art to Go! portfolio, please call 717-233-8668.

Why is this program so important?

The Art to Go! program helps students of all ages to:

  1. Better understand the connectedness between art and academics.
  2. Appreciate and value art and artists.
  3. Compare various styles and techniques used by artists.
  4. Communicate ideas and feelings about art using appropriate terminology.
  5. Make aesthetic judgments and interpretations.
  6. Demonstrate increased awareness of our national, multicultural art heritage and the relevance of art throughout the world.

Who can use this program?

Libraries, assisted-living facilities, early childhood centers, religious and community organizations, YMCA/YWCA, and home school programs are just a few of the groups this program can accommodate.

How can I use this program?

When used by a parent volunteer:

During a 40-45 minute classroom presentation, volunteers encourage the group to discuss the artwork and the artists and perhaps participate in simple activities that enhance their understanding of the portfolio information. For example, students may work in a group to form living sculptures or to reenact scenes from the paintings.

When used by an art educator:

Art to Go! portfolios are an excellent resource to supplement an art educator’s art history, aesthetics and production curriculum. Art comes to life when an artist or well-known work of art is incorporated into the lesson via comparison or example.

When used by a classroom teacher:

Art to Go! portfolios can be used as the “hook” in the introductory part of an academic lesson. Classroom teachers are quickly finding that the arts can be integrated into all other subjects and easily used as motivational learning devices.

How do I sign out an Art to Go!  portfolio?

The Art to Go! program functions similar to a video rental.  Any individual (PTO/PTA parent, events coordinator, educator, etc) can rent a portfolio for a nominal fee.

The fee schedule is as follows:
SAM Family Level Member Cost: $15.00 per portfolio for (8) weeks

Non-Member Cost: $30.00 per portfolio for (8) weeks

** Portfolios can be renewed at a cost of $10.00/week per portfolio
Available portfolios (a pdf list)